Reading Log–Article 7

  1. Mackiewics, Jo. “Assertion of Expertise in Online Product Reviews.”

The Mackiewics piece looked at the issues of credibility in online reviews, how to establish it and how to recognize it. Asserting credibility, and multiple tips on how to do so are present in the piece, helps readers take that reviewer seriously. Different methods, such as preconfigurations and the use of specialized jargon (abbreviations), make it clear that the reviewer is knowledgeable of the topic they are viewing, and have used it before. If an amateur, it is best to admit so but also note that you are dedicated to the craft. Categories such a product-specific were also discussed, as they warrant dimension. The article concludes by saying that these reviews help to test the credibility of reviewers and help customers be taken seriously.

The article is very helpful to those who read the online reviews and those who write them. Readers have so much information to decipher between, and it can be difficult to figure out who should be listened to and whose qualms are the most fixable, and writers need to better understand how to have their complaints taken seriously by their product’s manufacturer. Reading this gives good instructions on how to spot credibility, which would lead to stronger reviews and more usable products. It is interesting to see examples of these and see how they can be applied to something as open and commonplace as online reviews.


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