Reading Log–Article 6

1. Van der Meij, Hans. “Eight Guidelines for the Design of Intructional Videos in Software Training”.

The van der Meij article offered a clear and straightforward approach to the art of videomaking, specifically in a software design standpoint. It discussed the fact that is has become an increasing popular medium in which to spread information in recent years, yet there is still sometimes a gap in the way information is retained, primarily depending upon the quality of the video’s instructions. Through a series of research studies on video tutorials, van der Meij was able to pinpoint the issues after considerable research and create instruction sets on everything from video links to animation. They put a great deal of importance of a reasonable length, understanding that it becomes increasingly difficult to pay attention and retain information as time goes on. Practicing the task, even having it with you if you possible, was encouraged as the best way to learn is to be hands-on.

Ultimately, I found this piece to be spot-on in terms of its advice. Video tutorials are in theory, and usually in practice, a great way to learn. As opposed to looking at drawings of something or reading simple print instructions, videos allow for an open network where users can share tips and offer feedback to other users. But shortfalls, I’ve noticed, occur most often when there are issues with the length or poor editing. This article did its homework to figure out what can make it better, and while I hadn’t always thought about it, everything they said was sensible, and most importantly easily fixable rather than ambiguous. Such instruction sets would go a long way with people who create software tutorials.


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