Reading Log–Article 10

  1. Spika, Chapter Three

Dave Clark’s discussed in depth the “Rhetoric of Technology”, using the examples such as Twitter. He explained the rhetoric of technology by using a primarily scientific approach, compare and contrasting them to gain a stronger understanding. He looked at how these genres overlap, noting that technology has greatly helped to develop new forms of rhetoric. Because much of media and technology is public information, a person’s words can be viewed by anybody at anytime. In conclusion, it noted that the rhetoric of technology was both literature and a scholarly subject.

The article was great for helping readers to think outside the box of what constitutes rhetoric, as we readers so often fail to think of something as simple as Tweets constituting that genre. But really, rhetoric can refer to anything that aims to persuade or make a statement. As technical communicators, it is important to remember that. Technology has so profoundly transformed the way that we persuade and communicate with others, but that is the point of technology. Even before the internet launched, writing utensils, printing press, and visual messages such as political cartoons existed to advance the field of rhetoric through educating and persuading. Shaping these tools and being shaped by them, even when they are always changing, will help us s technical communicators to be the most effective that we can be.


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