Reading Log–Article 5

  1. Ann M. Blakeslee. ‘Addressing Audiences in a Digital Age.’

Blaskeslee’s piece used real-life scenarios and case studies to discuss the role of audience analysis in technical communication. As writers, it is important to discover the role you play in ensuring the safety and usability of the product needing instructions, and where to go in the event they are given something that needs to be comprehensively edited and made more user friendly. The key to knowing these things, according to Blakeslee, is audience analysis. When a writer understands their audience, they can best know how to approach the directions from a practical point of view and explain them in a way that their audience will understand.

Blakesee’s piece was helpful in offering guidance on how to properly evaluate an audience, looking at their point of view when writing directions. Oftentimes this is very difficult, as people reactions can vary so widely to the same idea, but there are usually patterns. The article touched on a lot of similar ideas from the previous ones, with themes such as usability and discovering what will work, but went a step furthur in really discussing a test audience. I know from my own work that these are very helpful to writers, and could have been put to good use by some of the people in earlier readings.


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