Reading Log–Article 4

  1. Hans Van der Meij. ‘Developing and Testing a Video Tutorial for Software Training’

Van der Meij’s study looked at an alternative but very popular form of instructions: the video tutorial. The study assessed the learning effectiveness on video tutorials by studying a sample of elementary school training, before delving into the important aspects of making these tutorials helpful and effective, specifically in the field of computer software. The finding found that when done using engaging techniques and concise information, video tutorials can be helpful in job training and creating productive, self-sufficient workers. Common pitfalls, such as drawn out instruction and a lack of visuals or variety were also discussed,  as such tutorials tend to produce negative results.

The article gave a very interesting overview on the subject of video tutorials, a topic that always seems to be debated in the field of technical communication because of its varying results. The difference really does lie in the content, and the way in which facts are presented. When participants are in a put in a more positive mood as the result of a clear and helpful tutorial, that can make all the difference in overall comprehension. Van der Meij was helpful in presenting the facts in a clear and logical fashion, and left readers with a lot of helpful take aways. Overall a helpful study on the subject of tutorials with a lot of evidence to back it up.


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